Anna Kirnos


Anna Kirnos

Senior Architect

Anna is a Senior Designer at Twelve Architects.

She has 10 years experience of running large scale projects across a range of sectors from inception to completion. Anna is particularly interested in creating unique projects that exceed her client’s needs and aspirations.

She brings to our team a fresh approach through her experiences of projects in Russia, where project timescales are faster and the building regulations are more onerous than those in the UK.

Anna completed her Masters in Architecture in the UK and has worked in the UK and Russia and is fluent in both English and Russian.

  • Residential Conversion, Croydon, UK*
  • Residential Conversion, Aylesbury, UK*
  • Svetly Residential Complex, Ekaterinburg, Russia*
  • Aida Shopping Mall, Ekaterinburg, Russia*

Anna’s selected projects