Dmitry Reutt

Dmitry Reutt



Dmitry is one of the founding directors of twelve architects and is responsible for the office management and strategic development and design appraisals. He is currently working with new and existing clients to develop projects in the UK, Russia and other countries.

Dmitry is a qualified structural engineer and has experience of delivering all stages of a project as an engineer. He has also spent much of his career working as a real estate developer overseeing the brokerage, investment planning, design co-ordination, construction and sales of a series of large scale developments.

In 2011 he set up a new consultancy business in Russia focusing on architecture, engineering, project and cost management which currently employs 75 people and provides a complementary service to twelve architects.

Through this unique blend of experience Dmitry has a specialist ability to assess the financial drivers, development potential and design merits to create a client orientated solution that is cost effective, value adding and sustainable.

Project List:

* projects undertaken whilst at other architectural practices


  • 85,000 m2 museum and art complex, Russia*
  • 25 storey mixed use development, Russia*
  • 35,000 m2 residential complex, Russia*
  • 25 storey residential tower, Russia*
  • 200 room hotel, Russia*
  • 120,000 m2 residential and retail development, Russia*
  • 65,000 m2 serviced apartments complex, Russia*
  • 35,000 m2 retail centre, Russia*
  • 20,000 m2 rehabilitation centre, Russia*
  • 25,000 m2 airport cargo terminal, Russia*

Dmitry’s selected projects