Karan Gandhi

Architectural Assistant


Karan is a Part 2 Architectural Assistant at Twelve Architects.

He graduated from The Manchester School of Architecture with an MA Architecture + Urbanism.
He has worked in Tokyo, Japan and has international experience on several large-scale projects.

His MA project, Neurosynthesis (Mars City Design) won global recognition and was published in Queen Elizabeth prize for Engineering, Architectural Digest, Quartz and several other international architecture platforms.

For M.Arch II, he proposed an Intercontinental Space station for the future of aviation industry imagining a utopia where people would be travelling with reusable space rockets.

Karan is fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati and has basic proficiency in Japanese.

Selected Projects:

Novy Urengoy Airport, Passenger Terminal, Russia
Intercontinental Cable Car Station
Bucharest Masterplan
Perm Retail and Leisure Complex, Russia

– La Seine Musicale, Paris, France *
– Kurhaus in Nagayu Onsen, Taketa City, Japan *
– Tainan Museum of Fine Arts Design Competition, Japan *
– Guest House in Karizawa forest, Japan *

*Projects undertaken whilst at previous practice